Expenses for KIF creation

A public announcement about the Kosmos Infrastructure Foundation is coming soon.

These are the expenses for registration fees, notary fees, and office rent until end of June:

Item Amount
Office rent (rest of) 22/03 + deposit 120.55 €
Office rent 22/04 78.65 €
Notary fees 800.45 €
KVK registration fee 51.95 €
Office rent 22/05 78.65 €
Office rent 22/06 78.65 €

Updated spreadsheet:

expenses.ods (52.9 KB)



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Couple questions. I’m sure we talked about it before, but I can’t recall, what is the office rent for? Do we have a virtual office for the KIF?

Second, I keep forgetting to ask, but how should I submit my cost for the 67p.io renewal? Last time we talked about it we agreed to hang on to it for now, but I never did anything to submit the yearly cost.

Here are my records for the renewals over the years:
2021: €35.52
2020: €32.00
2019: €32.00
2018: €29.00
2017: €29.00
2016: €29.00
2015: €29.00

Yes, every legal entity in the Netherlands needs an office address. We talked about this and also decided together on the best option, over various weekly calls.

Regarding the other expenses, this is not really the topic to discuss that. Please bring it up in the next weekly call, or in a chat room, or open a separate topic here. Thanks!

Thanks, opened a new thread, and signed this transaction.

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:+1: signed

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