New service: Drone CI

In order for us, and others, to be able to do Continuous Integration (a.k.a. automated testing and builds) for our Gitea repos, we have decided to set up Drone CI.

Over at 5apps, we’ve been using it with the official Docker Compose setup for a couple of years now, and never had any big issues with it. And Drone also comes with native support for Gitea.

Drone doesn’t have its own user accounts, but instead you just connect your Gitea account to it. It will then also show PR build status for your Gitea repos.

One question would be what domain to host it on. Maybe you could share your opinions:

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Drone CI is now online for all of you at, courtesy of @greg.

It’s tied to our Gitea, so you can enable any Gitea repos you have access to from the Drone dashboard, upon which you will have build statuses for pull requests and commits shown in Gitea.

Please be reasonable and don’t run builds for every single commit that is being pushed to any branch, if it’s not necessary. See this example of a config for builds that run only for master itself, as well as pull requests to master.