MVP of new account management app (akkounts) ready for review

I have now developed the new accounts management app to the point that I think we can deploy for our existing users:

There’s an admin panel available to users with an admin flag in their LDAP entry on /admin, which is what needs the most diligent review in regards to security. The code is very simple, so this should be easy for someone with experience in Ruby on Rails.

You will need an LDAP server running to test this app properly. I was wondering if it makes sense to just provide a low-security staging instance, which all contributors could use, instead of having to run LDAP locally. Then again, our chef cookook works just fine for firing up a local server using Vagrant, but it doesn’t create the right entries by itself (yet?). Anyway, if you want to run this on your machine, and/or contribute to the app after it’s deployed, you can ping me to set up the LDAP server with you in a call.

Pinging my Rails peeps @bumi, @galfert, @greg :wink:


… I just added a list of the very few things the app can currently do to the README, so you know what you’re reviewing.

nice! looks pretty good! I got it running locally but need to investigate how to run some ldap server.
Maybe a mock server would work for local development? (e.g.

A mock server would work for logging in I suppose, and for any features that don’t require LDAP document updates. Which, in the long term, will actually be more features than do so. Right now, however, the app is mostly about updating accounts, and managing them.

The first new feature to implement after deployment (only on my own list; everyone go wild as you see fit, of course), is signing up from invites.

@bumi @galfert @greg I still need confirmation from at least one reviewer that I can deploy this to production. I’m in the middle of setting that up. Get you some kredits. :wink:

Haven’t tried it locally, only looked at the code. But that looked all good and I didn’t find anything that seemed wrong to me.

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@galfert Thanks!

You can all try it out on now. :tada:

Pull request for chef is open here:


Basic donation tracking added. Ready for review: