Kredits Grant Cycle #3

Finalizing our first grant cycle using the tools we created for doing this for the last 2 cycles…


Payout base 0.207102414085386 BTC
Grant cycle budget 0.020710241408539 BTC
Cycle contributions budget 0.010355120704269 BTC
Overall contributions budget 0.010355120704269 BTC
New kredits 48000 KS
Overall kredits 1832500 KS
Monthly reward per token 21.5731681338944 sats
Dividend per token 0.565081620969676 sats
First block number 7859132
Last block number 8031861
Cycle payout (incl. reserved) 0.02071027
Remaining grant budget 0.186392144085386


Spreadsheet: contributor-grants.ods (21.5 KB)

HTML export on IPFS

Payout transaction


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