Kosmos Summit 2022 Date/Location?

Hi @Core, just putting feelers out for this years Kosmos Summit. I am guess it’d be sometime in October, I am creating a poll here to check about availability. I guess just put which dates work best, regardless if you will be remote or not, and then just mention in the comments if you’ll be able to attend in person or not?

  • October 8-9
  • October 15-16
  • October 22-23
  • October 29-30

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I can do any weekend except the 8-9th, although technically I probably could still do the 8-9 if that’s best for everyone, I will just need to leave early on saturday as I have a big hockey game to attend :ice_hockey:

Other than that, any weekend is open for me, with a possibility that I could make it to Sambuca, assuming I’m not totally broke. But definitely at least remote.

Alternative location proposals also welcome, of course! But also just FYI, the house is now much more comfortable, with couch, hammock, bed frames, etc… So definitely still a great place for meeting up.

That’s our winner then. :rocket: