Kosmos Summit 2021 Anyone?

Hi @Core and anyone interested.

What does everyone think about another Kosmos Summit sometime this year? Perhaps around the same time as last year? eg. Late Sept/early Oct.

Here’s a poll of some proposed dates, feel free to edit/add whatever you like, this is just to get the ball rolling in gauging interest.

FYI: Oct 2-3 are the same dates as HCPP21, however their website currently says this event is invite only. I assume there’ll be a livestream though, so it may not be good to overlap.

  • September 18-19
  • September 25-26
  • October 2-3
  • October 9-10

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Sorry, I made a mistake. I don’t actually have time Oct 9-10! Unfortunately, it doesn’t let me change my votes.

@raucao If you click “Show vote” it should give you the ability to change it, at least it works for me.

Unfortunately it seems I can’t add options “after the first 5 minutes”. So I will also mention that these dates are also fine with me. Though I’m not sure whether I’ll be in Sicily or Prague:

Sep 11-12
Oct 16-17

Ah yes, thanks!

We should probably collect proposals and put that to a vote as well. Since we had the very first founding meetup in Prague, maybe it’s time to go there again? If so, maybe we could time it close enough to HCPP as well?

Good idea, I’d be up for that as well.

Is there still a HCPP? I thought it is not the same again and some people left?

There’s a website for Oct 1-3: https://chaos.hcpp.cz/

But: “HCPPP21 Regular Ticket – sold by invitation only”

@galfert @greg Can we get some more votes, and opinions on location?

Based on the current situation I can’t plan anything right now and for the foreseeable future

If you cannot travel, then please just vote for your preferred dates for remote participation.

So, should we commit to the only date with all votes then?

I talked to @fsmanuel and @bumi about doing a bike tour on Sicily rather close to those dates, so I think it makes sense to have the main location be Hacker House again.

We also got the Internet there upgraded this year, so we wouldn’t have to ask for a dedicated line this time I think.

@Core :point_up_2: :question:

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Sept 25-26 is good for me, I’ve marked it off on my calendar to keep it clear.

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