How to get a new Kosmos Chat account?

Who/How should people contact to request a new account in the current closed phase?

Personally, I’d prefer not doing this manually again, but rather implement invites/signups this coming week. Then every user can invite new users, and we can also issue kredits for successful invites later.

Also, I think one thing we (@Ops) should solve before onboarding a lot of new users is the ejabberd uploads issue, so that we can finally start using the cluster that we set up, and prevent having to take down the entire XMPP service every now and then. I just realized we never had the Summit followup session for this topic, and it’s not documented properly afaics.

I’ll propose a special call for the coming week to have that session, as it will benefit from most of the core team’s ideas and input. I’ll document the issue and propose a bridge-gap solution I’m thinking about.

thanks for the reply. yeah, I see.
Just wanted to convince a good friend to get on XMPP, any chance that I can do that in the meantime?

If they can wait just another couple of days, we’ll have this finished and don’t have to spend time on manual signup hackery, and also their client won’t disconnect randomly for like a whole day when we mess around with the cluster setup.

I spent all day today working on the uploads solution for ejabberd, and it’s almost done now. See if you’re interested.

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You can now invite your friends! :rocket: :tada:

Very beta, and the invitations page is only accessible via direct link for now.

(Just tested successfully with a live invitation.)

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