Email notifications for chat messages waiting to be read

Let’s start to collect ideas in this category (and move them over from GitHub if they’re not ready to be implemented yet)…

I just had one about chat notifications. Checking how many users hadn’t logged into XMPP for a while recently, I wondered if we could send them a generic email telling them that they have n messages waiting to be read. Some of them haven’t been online in months, and this would be a nice way to remind them that their Chat account is a thing, and someone tried to talk to them there.

This would mostly be for DMs, so could probably be done by merely reading the ejabberd database. Perhaps it could/should even be an ejabberd plugin, extending its LDAP functionality with reading the “mail” attribute and using that to send email? If not, maybe it makes sense to add this to Akkounts instead.


Akkounts added support for scheduled jobs recently, so this would be easy to implement there now.

However, I’m still wondering if an ejabberd module wouldn’t be the better way to go, so that it could be shared with other projects. But maybe prototyping it in akkounts to see what it’s like, then moving to ejabberd later, is a good approach (also for other features).