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Discourse integration ideas

Discourse has a wide variety of options that could be useful for semi-automatic crediting of contributions. Some ideas off the top of my head:

  • Use “solved” plugin to mark an answer as having solved a problem or question -> get kredits for solving it
  • Use kredits-1/2/3 badges to credit any post or reply in any context
  • Use kredits-1/2/3 labels in combination with assigned topics (need to install assign plugin) to credit contributions
  • Use other labels (e.g. “bug” for valid bug reports)

There could also be nice ways to sync the other way around, i.e. Hubot could give Discourse badges for contributions seen on chain, or just update someone’s badges/roles/titles/WG status/etc. based on what it knows.

Whatever you can think of, no matter how silly it sounds at first, please add here!

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Another one:

Add/manage Discourse group memberships automatically, from Kredits data.

Groups can be used e.g. to limit poll participation and such, so in addition to the working groups, we could also automatically manage “core” group memberships, allowing to participate in core-only polls for example. (Not that I would want to have many of those. Mostly just an example.)

Another one:

Collect likes for posts/replies over a month or so, then kredit all at once, with something like 1 kredit per like.

This would be close to the early ideas of adding actual (albeit small) value to virtual high-fives for very small, light contributions.

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