Discourse config to do

  • Get rid of account creation popup when signing in for the first time
  • GETs for logo files are plain HTTP for some reason
  • Enable tags
  • Create/configure logo and icon files
  • Create/configure all initial categories
  • Set up reply-by-email
  • Set up a Systemd unit
  • Ensure backups are synced/uploaded off of centaurus
  • “force https” breaks LDAP login
  • Forward user’s IP address to the Discourse/container (in nginx vhost)
  • Create user groups for WGs and Core

Another to do: we need to set a forward header for the nginx proxy, so that Discourse can see real IPs:

Screenshot from 2020-10-15 10-56-08

Just some test reply to test email notifications.

I have received an e-mail notification, and I shall reply in kind. :slight_smile:

Edit: haha, nice! I had a fake footer added, saying “Sent from Thunderbird”, but Discourse strips annoying stuff like that from the reply automatically.

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Update: We recently switched uploads/attachments to our S3/Garage, and backups are also uploaded to that now. I.e. all done here.