Change frequency of regular call to biweekly or monthly?

@galfert and I were talking about how the current call frequency is probably too high, and that we should also document and discuss more things on Discourse and Gitea instead of just telling people in the calls, so that everyone has a chance to read up and join in at their own pace and preferred times.

I think we decided to propose a monthly frequency instead, encouraging people to properly block out the one time slot per month (something like “every first …day of the month”).

@Core What do you think?

Yeah I agree, seems like we would be better off by documenting and discussing things async more. If at some point activity picks up we can always schedule additional calls but for a standing call, once a month is probably more appropriate.

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Sounds good to me as well! I think monthly would work. At first I thought “every last … of the month” would be better, but “first” is probably easier to remember.

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Sounds good!

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So should we say every first Wednesday of the month then? Same time (i.e. 2pm CET)?

Perhaps it makes sense to move the timeslot out of normal CE(S)T business hours?

From individual conversations, nobody really wants to change the day and timeslot, but everyone likes the monthly schedule. Thanks for the feedback, everyone!