Cap amount of overall users/accounts

Moving from a meta repo issue:

Wild idea: what if, after going public with Kosmos services, we cap the amount of users/accounts that we will ever accept for our services? Like e.g 50K (active) users. If everyone donates $3-5/month on average for example, that would give us a monthly budget of $150K-$250K to pay for expenses and distribute to kredits holders. Sounds like a large enough size of organization to me, and one which, personally, I probably wouldn’t want to cross by much.

This cap would make it an official promise to users that we strive for decentralized, federated services for all, and that we really do want others to offer the same thing, possibly using all our code, and be inter-operable with our services. It would obviously also give people an incentive to sign up early.

What do you think?

Edit: there can be different caps for personal accounts vs. pro accounts (Kosmos Chat on custom domains for organizations), of course.

hmm… interesting thought.
though as a user for me I don’t think it would give me more confidence in the service.
for me promises to support and fund other projects, dependencies or even “competitor” would be more interesting.

also the first 100 are the most difficult… :slight_smile:

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I also like the idea of funding upstream dependencies with a set fraction of the budget. But I assume we’ll have to help quite some people/projects with setting up bitcoin wallets for that first.