Akkounts 0.8.0 released

Akkounts 0.8.0 released — Akkounts is an open-source self-service app for user account management, enabling communities and organizations to host a variety of services for their users with a single accounts system. It is currently being developed for Kosmos Accounts. Here’s what’s new in version 0.8.0:

For users

QR codes for invitation links

It’s now much easier to invite people without having to send them a link on a pre-existing communication channel, by just pulling up your accounts panel on a phone or laptop, and showing them a QR code. Simply tap or click the QR code button next to the invitation link:

Screenshot from 2023-09-03 15-46-16

New service pages

Instead of linking to the (soon-to-be-retired) wiki for information about your chat account, there is now a new, more user-friendly page directly in the accounts app, which includes app recommendations for various platforms, and explains how to connect them to your account.

A similar page has also been added for Mastodon, which is not visible yet, because we have not migrated our Mastodon accounts to the new Kosmos Accounts yet. (Happening soon btw.)

For admins

Settings overrides and resets

Admins can now edit all service settings that are configurable via environment variables, and are able to reset any settings that differ from the default or respective environment variable later.

For developers

Docker setup

The Docker Compose setup did not work as documented before. It has been fixed and overhauled entirely, and the documentation updated. Everything should now work exactly as documented in the README (on Linux and macOS at least).

In progress

remoteStorage integration

We’re currently in the process of integrating a remoteStorage service for all users, with app authorization being handled directly in akkounts. In this release, we have merged the authorization feature itself. The rest will follow within the next couple of months.

Source code/changesets